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Best Harley Davidson Rides to Take in 2019
Posted on 10/12/2018 1:16:33 PM

It’s never too early to begin thinking about how to best enjoy your Harley Davidson by planning, or maybe even just daydreaming, about where to go on your next trip.

Here are our top 5 recommendations for the best Harley Davidson rides to take in 2019:

  • Pacific Coast Highway: One of the most famous roads in America, the Pacific Coast Highway runs from San Diego north to the California-Oregon border.  Much of the route hugs the Pacific Ocean, providing seemingly unlimited spectacular coastal views.  Inland, you will also experience giant redwood forests, rocky bluffs complete with several waterfalls, meadows of wildflowers, and the Pacific Coast mountain range. At 659 miles, you could easily turn your ride into a vacation, taking time to savor the incredible scenery and also visiting the many charming towns along the route, including Santa Cruz, Monterey, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara.  For lodging, roadside hotels and inns abound.  Or you might opt to bring your camping gear on your trip and camp at the many state parks peppered along the PCH.  Note:  After mudslides closed the PCH around Big Sur in recent years, a new roadway has been built in this section, once again allowing for an unbroken ride running the length of the California coast.   

  • Blue Ridge Parkway: Nestled in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia and North Carolina, this is one of the most scenic Harley Davidson rides to take in the eastern United States.  Running through Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains national parks, the Blue Ridge Parkway is particularly picturesque in the fall as the leaves explode with color.  But be warned that, with several high-elevation points and tunnels to pass through, ice can become a factor even when the temperature is above freezing.  With its many twists and turns, you’ll never lack for scenic views.  And don’t let the 45 mph speed limit deter youthis just gives you more time to enjoy the ride!

  • Going to the Sun Road: Traversing Glacier National Park in northern Montana, the Going to the Sun Road is both an incredible feat of modern road-building engineering, and one thrilling ride on your Harley.  Hairpin turns lead you up to the Continental Divide at Logan Pass at 6,646 feet above sea level.  Be on the lookout for the famous vintage red buses packed with tourists taking in the breathtaking views.  In the distance, you’ll be able to see the park’s namesake glaciersand perhaps even a grizzly bear.  Summer is the best time to enjoy this ride, as snowpack is usually not fully cleared until June.   

  • Grand Canyon: 2019 is the 100th anniversary of the Grand Canyon being designated as a national park, giving you the perfect excuse to ride to this amazing natural wonder.  On February 26, the National Park Service will commemorate the park’s 100th birthday with a party at the South Rim Visitor Center.  But there will be special events throughout 2019, making any time of year a great time to enjoy this ride.     

  • Pig Trail: This 24-mile stretch of blacktop in northern Arkansas is full of twisting turns and switchbackssome of which should be taken at just 10 mph.  Lore has it that the Pig Trail received its name because its winding route resembles the curled tail of a wild razorback hog.  Consistently rated as one of the very best motorcycle rides in America, the Pig Trail is not to be missed.

To fully enjoy any of these amazing rides, be sure you’re equipped with the latest Harley Davidson accessories.

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