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Boom! Audio 10S Bluetooth Helmet Single Headset

Like the flagship Boom!™ Audio 30K Bluetooth® Headset the Boom!™ Audio 10S Bluetooth® Motorcycle Helmet Headset offers an exceptional integrated experience when paired to your bikes Boom!™ Box infotainment system via the Wireless Headset Interface Module (WHIM) sold separately. When paired with the WHIM you can enjoy full stereo sound use the bikes infotainment screen to configure your headset and leverage the existing hand controls to ensure safe and controlled riding as you move effortlessly through music phone GPS and push-to-talk intercom conversations. If equipped with the new Boom!™ Box GTS radio this headset will enable the use of Apple CarPlay. Without the WHIM you can control your 10S through available hands-free voice commands or the glove friendly navigation menu. The 10S Headset comes with 1 Bluetooth® module. And if you prefer to use earbuds there is an available earbud port in the base. Kit includes headset additional earpads mics and all necessary installation hardware. Advanced Noise Control: Ambient noise cancellation for incoming and outgoing audio Audio Boost: Automatic volume boost to counteract ambient noise FM Radio: 10 preset station memory integrated FM radio Stereo Sound: Audio both speakers for all functions Universal Intercom™: Ability to connect with any headset via Bluetooth® regardless of manufacturer Bluetooth® Intercom: Ability to wirelessly communicate with other riders (up to 4-way intercom) Talk Time: up to 12 hours Charge Time: 3 hours to full charge Working Distance: up to 1 mile / 1.6 Km under optimal conditions

Fitment: Fits most Harley-Davidson® full and 3/4 helmets. Bluetooth® headset is compatible with Harley-Davidson® Original Equipment 6.5GT Boom!™ Box and Boom!™ Box GTS radio when equipped with Wireless Headset Interface Module P/N 76000768.

MSRP: $239.95
PRICE: $198.69