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Our Favorite Scenic Missouri Motorcycle Rides
Posted on 2/16/2021 1:12:56 PM

At Surdyke Harley-Davidson, we are ALWAYS on the lookout for the best Missouri motorcycle rides and wanted to share a few of our favorites with you. If your bike is only seeing the walls of your garage or the streets within your own neighborhood, it’s time to get out and see what our lovely state has to offer as far as weekend motorcycle trips go.


Of course, if you’re a Missouri rider like us, you know that Missouri weather can turn in an instant. They say if you aren’t happy with the weather, just wait around a few minutes and it’ll change. So you never can tell how many optimal riding weather weekends we’ll see in a given year. And when one comes around, you’d better not waste it! Fortunately, Missouri is home to some of the most scenic motorcycle rides in the Midwest. No matter where in the Show-Me State you call home, you can hop on your bike for a fun and breathtaking afternoon ride through the country. And if your trip has you headed down 55 towards our neck of the woods (or if you’re in the market for Harley Davidson parts or accessories) stop in and say hi!

Best Missouri Roads for Sunday Motorcycle Rides

We could ask 10 different Missourians their favorite Sunday motorcycle rides and get 100 different answers. And believe us, they’re ALL on our to-do list. Here are just some of the ones we happen to favor. So without further ado, let’s get to a few of our favorites (in no particular order):

Oldfield Back Road

This 21-mile stretch from Oldfield to just north of Bradleyville on 125 offers incredible Ozark scenery and just enough twists and turns to keep things interesting without being too dangerous. This route is fairly quiet without many cars or trucks. A perfect ride for a Sunday afternoon.

The “Big MO” River Ride Loop

One of the best in Western Missouri, this 123-mile expedition provides scenic views of the Missouri River along Highway 224. Once you’re off the highway, you’re in for a mostly straight, two-lane road with very few bumps along the way. And you’ll make your way through plenty of small towns for gas, shopping, and local cuisine.

Missouri Wine Country Tour

A favorite for many in the St. Louis area, this day trip spans around 60 miles and takes you straight down Highway 94 into Hermann and the rest of Missouri’s wine country. There is plenty to see and do up and down Highway 19 (wineries, shopping, restaurants, etc.) so make sure to figure in time for stops. This is not a drive-by tour.

Bagnell Dam Loop

One of the Ozarks’ most iconic structures, the historic Bagnell Dam is what makes the Lake of the Ozarks possible. Riders embarking on this 71-mile journey get breathtaking views of the dam, the lake, as well as acres of Ozark forests (including Ha Ha Tonka State Park if you care to make a slight detour). The Lake of the Ozarks is home to many restaurants, shops, and tourist attractions as well.

Route 76 - Reeds Springs to Cassville

Nicknamed “The Missouri Roller Coaster” for its twists, turns, ups and downs, this is one of the more exciting Missouri rides for seasoned riders. Plenty of scenery and adventure, but not a great deal of “stop and look around” sites. Keep that in mind and make sure your tank is full before hopping on.

Missouri’s Midland Trail (US 50)

A 72-mile excursion from just east of Union to Linn on Highway 50, this trek offers brilliant Missouri farmland scenery, plenty of small town rest stop options, and just enough hills and curves to keep you on your toes the entire time. Mostly two-lane highway, you won’t come across too many cars and trucks along this almost secluded route.


Did we cover every single worthwhile ride in the Show-Me State? Not even close! If we left off any glaring omissions, or any hidden gems you and your buddies know about, drop us a line and let us know! We are always on the lookout for new rides to check out. But if you’re new to the exciting world of motorcycle riding, or just new to Missouri, we hope a few of our picks will create some lasting memories for you and your crew. Cheers to some of the best Missouri motorcycle rides we’ve found, and even more that are in store.

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